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Wine List

Our unique selection was handpicked to provide you with interesting wine drinking and excellent value for money. Most of these wines are produced from small unique vineyards (these days, a lot of them use sustainable agriculture or are organically grown) providing drinking pleasure and a story to tell! We hope you enjoy the read.

When compiling our selection we have fine-tuned the "by the glass selection" to include suggestions to match our seasonal dishes.
Please note: the vintages on our wines may vary depending on availability

The Fizz Corner

Winston Churchill once said: "I always drink Champagne... in victory I deserve it and in defeat I need it!". There is a lot of truth in this, sparkling wines are not only for celebration or aperitif but they are very often a great match with food.


1. Lunetta Prosecco Spumante Brut NV£5.00£26
Veneto, Italy (11.5% abv)
A classic Prosecco, beautiful orchard fruit aromas, rich in the mouth with a clean, fresh finish.

2. Lunetta Rosá Spumante Brut NV£5.00£26
Trentino, Italy (11% abv)
A beautifully fresh and dry sparkling rosá from the foothills of the Trentino Mountains.

4. Henners Vintage Brut 2010£50
East Sussex. England (12% abv)
Dry and elegant, with white flower and full fruit. I was seriously impressed! In blind tastings this wiped the board against French Chapagnes.


5. Joseph Perrier Cuváe Royale, Brut NV£8.00£45
Chalons en Champagne France (12% abv)
Produced by the family-owned Champagne house, favoured by Queen Victoria and Edward VII. This Champagne has a fresh appealing palate with a full rounded body from three years cellar ageing.

6. Joseph Perrier Cuváe Royale, Brut Rosá NV£9.50£60
Chalons en Champagne France (12% abv)
A blend of 25% Chardonnay, 75% Pinot Noir, producing an outstanding, delicate rose with red berry fruit.

7. Taittinger, Brut Reserve NV£55
Reims France (12% abv)
Famous for it's long cellars, carved in the chalk, and their fabulous Château de la Marquetterie

8. Laurent Perrier Cuváe Rose, Brut NV£90
Tours-sur-Marne France (12% abv)
One of the leading pink Champagnes. Elegant and crisp with soft, strawberry fruit and a wonderful long, creamy finish.

9. Joseph Perrier Cuváe Josephine Vintage Brut 2004£130
Chalons en Champagne France (12% abv)
Only produced in the best years, from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Has great elegance and complexity with great length.

10. Dom Perignon 2004£185
Hautvilliers France (12.5% abv)
The most prestigious Champagne brand, a beautifully crafted wine Aromas of acacia honey and fresh almonds, dried apricots and toasted brioche.

Dry, crisp aromatic white wines:

These wines tend to be young, fresh with a pronounced acidity and very often made from grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. However there are a multitude of other less famously named varieties which provide a welcome change and some interesting drinking. These wines tend to be great served as aperitif or are perfect with seafood in general. Why? Well a very simple rule to remember is that salt in food reduces the sensation of acidity in the wine, hence why some dry whites tend to taste fuller flavour when drunk with food.

11. Villa Blanche Chardonnay 2015£6.75£8.75£26
Pays d’Oc, France (13%)
A stunning award-winning Chardonnay from the Languedoc. Floral and apple aromas with lovely texture in the mouth and a full satisfying finish.

12. Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Bergon 2015£4.95£6.75£20
Vin de Pays d'Oc, France (12.5% abv)
Domaine Bergon dates back as far as 400AD. This independent, 1200 acre property is based in the coastal village of Vias, Southern France

13. Pinot Grigio Allamanda 2014£5.25£7.35£22
Venezie, Italy (12.5% abv)
A smooth, light Pinot Grigio from the Venezie region with floral aromas and a delicate lemony fruit. Classic style, always popular and very mellow.

15. Sauvignon Blanc Makutu 2015 £6.60£9.25£28
Marlborough, New Zealand (13% abv)
Classic Marlborough Sauvignon! Vibrant gooseberry and grassy aromas followed by a rich citrus palate and ripe tropical fruits.

16. Sauvignon Blanc, Iona Wines 2014£33
Elgin, South Africa (13.5% abv)
This iconic wine made the Elgin area famous, when it first came out 20 years ago.

18. Luis Canas White Rioja 2015£5.25£7.35£22
Villabuena de Alava - Spain (13 % abv)
With a brilliant lemon yellow colour this wine has a lovely pear and peach aroma with a fresh and well balanced fruity flavour on the palate.

19. Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet 2014£25
Coteaux du Languedoc France. Vegan ( 13% abv)
A fine, elegant and incredibly fruity Picpoul with a very long finish.

20. Emiliana Reserva Reisling 2012£ 23
Bio Bio Valley Chile Vegan ( 13% abv)
An off dry Reisling with classic Floral and Kerosene aromas and rich citrus fruit with mineral notes.

Soft white with more intense flavours:

This section isn't meant to be anything middle of the road, quite the opposite in fact. Most whites made from un-oaked Chardonnay, Mediterranean varieties from France, Spain and Italy, Pinot Gris etc... all have that extra depth of flavour due to the extra sun shine these grapes get all year round. Some of these wines are aged in oak barrel, to give the wine harmony rather than oak taste.

21. Vistamar Brisa Moscato 2014£4.95£6.75£ 20
Central Valley Chile ( 11.5% abv)
Medium Sweet with exotic fruit flavours with a hint of honey. Luscious mouth feel with a balanced fresh finish.

23. Pinot Grigio 'Priara' Pradio 2014£28
Fruili Grave, Italy (13% abv)
Single Vineyard from the Pradio family, this is the true Pinot Grigio with layers of flavours.

24. Mâcon-Solutre, Domaine Michel Cheveau 2013 (unoaked chardonnay)£34
Southern Burgundy, France (13.5% abv)
More passionate and proud of his vineyard you will not find, Nicolas Cheveau is the proof that French winemakers are still searching for perfection. You must try this wine, especially if you thought you didn't like chardonnay, perfectly chiselled like a master piece!

27. Pouilly Fumá 2014 Domaine Pierre Marchand£38
France (12.5%)
A crisp, fresh Sauvignon from an excellent small producer. Gooseberry and citrus notes with hints of characteristic smoke and mineral.

Full Flavoured & matured dry white

The first thing to mention is that matured doesn't necessarily mean oldest but when the wine has reached its full potential. Most of these wines are often great with poultry or dishes with creamy sauces rather than reds. They could also compliment delicately spicy dishes and would certainly go better than any other style of white with any meat if for example you don't like red wines.

28. Nostros Chardonnay Gran Reserva 2014£6.25£8.50£25
Casablanca Valley, Chile (14% abv)
Made in one of the coolest part of Chile, this barrel fermented wine is then aged for 14 months

29. Chenin Blanc (Oak Aged), Diemersfontein 2012£6.65£9.25£28
Western Cape, South Africa (13.5% abv)
Diemersfontein has belonged to the Sonnenberg family since the early 1940s, when David's grandfather, Max, bought the 183 hectare farm, which lies in the shadow of the majestic Hawekwa Mountains with a panoramic view of both Du Toit's Kloof and Bains' Kloof.

30. Zephyr Gewürztraminer 2015£32
Marlborough, New Zealand (14% abv)
Made by the Glover family in Dillons Point. Ben Glover has now taken over the winemaking after 20 years of success at Wither Hills, Mudhouse and Waipara Hills.

32. Meursault Château de la Cráe, Côte de Beaune 2012£65
Bourgogne, France (13%abv)
From a small Château dating back to the 15th Century. An elegant rich wine with white blossom and apricot aromas leading to a rich yet fresh palate of dried fruits and toasty notes.

33. Corton Blanc Grand Cru, Domaine Maillard et Fils 2007£85
Burgundy, France (13% abv)
Pascal Maillard is one of Burgundy's friendliest and most down-to-earth winemakers. He crafts particularly well-priced wines with juicy, fruit-forward personalities from his 20-hectare domaine in Chorey-lès-Beaune. Pascal is expert at bringing charm and appeal to an appellation with a reputation for hardness.

The refreshing Rose selection

These are listed from light, crisp flavours to richer, intense red berry fruit flavours. The lighter ones are akin to white wines and will match fish dishes with stronger flavours such as tomato, olives and herbs. The fuller more intense rose will be refreshing in the summer for those who feel red might be too much, but enjoy fuller flavoured foods.

35. White Zinfandel Big Top 2014£6.00£8.00£24
California, United States of America (10% abv)

36. Cabernet Rosá la bastille 2014£4.95£6.75£20
Vin de Pays d'Oc, France (12.5% abv)

37. Chemin de Provence Rose 2014£5.75£7.75£23
Coteaux D'aix en Provence, France (12% abv)

Lively, bright soft fruity red

The reds in this section are by definition easy to drink, because they are light in tannin, have bags of fruit and a judicious amount of acidity to balance their natural youthfulness. Wines made in a simpler way, some great red from the Loire and Beaujolais amongst others. Some of these can be served slightly cool in the summer, do ask and we will advise you.

38. Domaine Bergon Merlot 2015 £4.95£6.75£20
Pays d’Oc, France (12.5%)
Dry and full flavoured with smooth tannins. Aromas of cherries and flavours of black berries and vanilla.

39. Conde Bel Rioja Tinto Crianza, 2012£6.65£9.25£27
Rioja, Spain (13.5%)
A blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha from Bodegas Franco-Espanolas which dates back to 1890. Twelve months ageing in American oak gives a smooth, mature wine with good balance of fruit and spice and a long elegant finish.

41. The Opportunist Shiraz, 2014£6.25£8.35£25
Barossa, Australia (13.5% abv)
Lots of ripe, generous red berry fruit with a ripe blackcurrant finish. Easy drinking warm Barossa Shiraz.

42. The Squids Fist Sangiovese Shiraz, 2014£38
Made by Young Australian Winemaker of the Year Col McBride. A blend of McLaren Vale Shiraz and Barossa-sourced Sangiovese giving cherries, plums and sweet spices with a smooth generous mouth feel. A hint of black pepper and spice on the finish.

Smooth red wines with harmony and balance

Quite diverse here, perhaps the best way to describe these is that they have reached maturity and are showing at their best. We have wines made from Southern French varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, but also some deliciously balanced wines from Pinot noir as well as mature cabernet-merlot blend.

43. Mont Rocher Carignan Vieilles Vignes 2014£22
Pays de l'Herault France (13.5%abv)
Produced from 50 year old Vines, a traditional French Variety. With ripe, red berry fruit and vanilla notes with a soft rounded palate.

44. Odjfell Armador Carmenere 2013£26
Rapel Valley, Chile ( 13.5 % abv)
A deep, dark Carmenere with toffee and caramel notes, followed by blackberry and raspberry fruit. With a liquorice and coffee finish.

45. Calusari Pinot Noir 2014£6.25£8.35£25
Viile Tinisului, Romania (13% abv)
Made by leading Romanian winery Cramele Reca, just proving that it is possible to produce good pinot outside burgundy.

47. Chianti Classico Geggiano Pontignano, 2012£33
Tuscany, Italy (13%abv)
An elegant Chianti Classico made from Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes. A fine well balanced wine with generous fruit balanced by fine tannins and great length.

49. One Man Band, Iona, 2009£40
Elgin, South Africa (14% abv)
A blend of Syrah (80%) Cabernet (10%) and Merlot, Petit Verdot, Mouvedre and Viognier you would expect this wine to pack a punch - and that it does however the cool climate freshness and firm tannins keeps this silky and smooth. A must try.

50. Meinert Synchronicity 2009 (cabernet sauvignon-merlot-pinotage)£45
Devon Valley, Stellenbosch (14% abv)
This is what they call in South Africa, a Cape blend, try it as an alternative to a Bordeaux.

52. Aloxe-Corton Premier Cru, 2010£64
Cotes D'or, France (13% abv)
A superb Burgundy from the small 11 hectare family estate in the Cotes D'Or. Elegant and complex with subtle fruit, balancing acidity and smooth tannins.

Full bodied, spicy reds

These wines often come from older vines (the older they are, the more concentrated the juice is) but the criteria in us selecting these wines is that we look for balance, depth of flavour and intensity. They are often from warmer climates or come from grape varieties that have high concentration of tannin such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Monastrell. One point to take into account is that proteins (especially in red meat) tend to smooth out the tannin in the wine giving an overall impression of balance. Hence the saying " I'll have a nice strong red with my steak".

53. Nieto Malbec 2013£6.25£8.35£25
Argentina (14% abv)

54. Coffee Pinotage, Diemersfontein 2011£6.00£8.00£24
Wellington, South Africa (14% abv)

55. Wishbone Shiraz Grenache 2013£26
Barossa Valley, Australia (14% abv)

56. Mabis Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore Classico, 2012£37
Veneto 2012 (13.5%)

57. Pinotage Diemersfontein Reserve 2013£30
Wellington South Africa (14% abv)

58. U.Passimiento 2014£32
Sicily ( 13% abv)

59. Meinert, Carbernet Sauvignon 2011£33
Stellenbosch, South Africa (14.5%)

60. Some Young Punks 'Passion Has Red Lips' Cabernet Shiraz 2013£35
South Australia (14% abv)

61. Château Gloria 2012£85
St-Julien, Bordeaux (13%)

62. Luis Cañas Rioja Reserva Seleccion de la Familia 2008£50
Rioja Alavesa, Spain (14.5%)

63. Painted Wolf Pictus II 2010£48
Swartland, South Africa (14.5%)

64. Chames de Kirwan, Margaux, 2011£49
Magaux, France (13%abv)

68. Chateau Des Gravieres, Graves 2012£31
Bordeaux, France (13% abv)

70. Bishop Shiraz, Glaetzer 2013£52
Barossa Valley, Australia (15% abv)
Our very good friend Ben Glaetzer makes some stunning wines in the Barossa valley from gnarled old un-irrigated vines. This 2010 is quite elegant and forward in style, providing real drinking pleasure.

75. Gigondas, Domaine du Grand Montmirail, 2012£65
Gigondas, France (14.5% abv)
Domaine du Grand Montmirail lies in the foothills of a limestone escarpment in a remote part of Gigondas. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, this wine has real depth of flavour with concentrated black fruits balanced by fresh acidity and a rich warm finish.

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