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Nibbles to Start With...

Homemade Warm Focaccia Bread with Sundried Tomato & Cheese for two ~ With balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil. £5

With mixed olives. £8

Weighbridge Favourites

Pork Tenderloin Hunter’s Style ~ Cannons of pork tenderloin in a hunter’s style sauce of mushrooms, bacon lardons, baby onions and red wine, finished with cream and crispy cheese dumplings. £24

Belly Pork ~ Slow roasted and served with on a bed of buttery spring cabbage and bacon lardons, finished with a honey and mustard glaze. £21

Crispy Duck ~ Half a duck, roasted until crispy and served with a sauce of redcurrant jelly, cherry wine and fresh strawberries, finished with a nip of British cream. £26

Beef and Black Pudding Stack ~ Slices of British fillet and black pudding, griddle cooked to your liking, served with shitake mushrooms, in a rich marsala wine and cream sauce. £25

Rack of Lamb ~ A large rack, topped with rosemary and garlic breadcrumbs, roasted pink or well done, served with a rich red wine and red currant sauce, garnished with redcurrants and jelly. £26

Lamb Shank ~ Steamed and then roasted, served on a bed of bubble and squeak with a white wine, sweet garlic and fresh mint sauce. £25

Marinated Duck Breast ~ A large duck breast marinated in a blend of fresh oranges, red chillies and plums. Served pink with roasted shallots, sautéed curly kale and a sweet sherry jus. £25

Chicken Supreme ~ Filled with bacon, cheddar cheese and cracked black pepper, wrapped in puff pastry, baked until golden, served with a white wine, chorizo and cream sauce. £23

Spiced Lamb Suet Pudding – Slow cooked pieces of lamb rump in a lightly spiced Goan inspired sauce with rough chopped apricots and sultanas, encased in a suet pastry shell with extra sauce to serve. £25

All of our main meals are served with a selection of fresh vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes.


Taste of the Wild ~ Medallions of Ostrich, Venison and Zebra, gently sauté and served pink with a sauce of shitake mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry wine and cream. £26

Thai Style Crocodile ~ Tender strips of crocodile in our homemade thai sauce with coconut milk, lime, chilli, diced tomatoes, spring onion and fresh coriander. Served in a filo basket, on a bed of savoury rice. £26

Veal Cordon Bleu ~ A thin escalope of welfare friendly veal, stuffed with garlic and herb cream cheese, wrapped in prosciutto ham and lightly bread crumbed. Finished with fresh asparagus and spinach and watercress sauce. £24

Fish Options

Salmon and Monkfish Plate ~ Gently steam fried salmon, with shell-on mussels, prawns, scampi and slices of monkfish, finished with white wine, double cream and a dash of pernod. £25

Seabass ~ Fillets of seabass, pan seared and served with baby prawns, scampi and a scallop, served on a bed of mixed leaves with raspberry vinaigrette and buttered baby potatoes. £24

Mahi Mahi ~ Pan seared in brown butter and red chillies and served on griddle cooked pineapple rings with a homemade basil and coconut pesto. £25

Baked Cod ~ A large fillet of cod baked with fresh dill, lemon and spring onions with a crisp fennel, baby spinach and apricot salad. Finished with a jug of beurre blanc sauce. £24

Whole Dover Sole ~ the king of flat fish, a large 16-20 ounce sole, baked in the oven and simply finished with capers, prawns and a squeeze of fresh lemon, topped with homemade fresh dill butter. £28

All of our main meals are served with a selection of fresh vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes.

Thai Style Fish Curry ~ Pieces of salmon and cod with king prawns and monkfish in a hot Thai style coconut and lime sauce with fresh coriander and ginger served with garlic rice. £23

Whole Lobster Thermidor ~ Freshly and fully prepared to make less mess for you, topped with both creamy white and cheesy mornay sauces. Finished with cheddar and parmesan cheese and baked in the oven. £40

Steak and Lobster ~ Fillet Steak, (approx. 200g uncooked), served with traditional trimmings and a jug of “au poirve sauce”, accompanied by half a fresh Lobster which has been prepared by our skilled chefs meaning minimal mess for you, topped with both creamy white and cheesy mornay sauces. Finished with cheddar and parmesan cheese and baked in the oven. £45

Vegetarian Options

Risotto Stuffed Peppers ~ Two large bell peppers, one stuffed with a wild mushroom and black truffle risotto, while the other is stuffed with a tomato and red onion risotto. Baked and served with a creamy white wine sauce. £22

Vegetarian Pancakes ~ Roasted vegetables, including olives, asparagus, courgette, spinach and onions, with fresh chilli, ginger and greek yoghurt, wrapped in a savoury pancake, topped with goats cheese and baked. £21

Butternut Squash and Stilton Wellington ~ Roasted butter nut squash, with stilton cheese, baby plum tomatoes, basil and caramelised red onion. Wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden, served with a rich marsala sauce. £23

All of our main meals are served with a selection of fresh vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes.

House Aged British Beef

Our Prime Beef is sourced locally and aged on the premises for between 21 and 28 days.

Fillet steak - 200g (8oz.) approx. with no fat, the most tender of our steak, we prefer not to serve this well done! £28

Sirloin Steak - 250g (10oz.) approx. with a small fatty layer on one side. Cooked on the griddle, to your taste. £25

Rib Eye Steak - lightly marbled with fat, recommended to be cooked at least medium rare. 200g (8oz.) £23 300g (12oz.) £28

Bone in Rib Eye – 680g (24oz) A whole large rib eye, cooked on the bone to your liking (we recommend this is cooked at least medium rare, due to its size) £40

All the above are cooked to your liking, with a choice of the following:

Traditional Garnish - with Mushrooms, Onion, Tomato and Asparagus.
Au Poivre - Green Peppercorns, Brandy and Cream.
Stilton and Prawns - with White Wine and Cream.
Borras - A rich Red wine, Cream and Mushroom sauce.
Café de Paris - Mushroom, Tomato, Brandy and Cream.
Rossini - On a Pate topped crouton and a rich Madeira sauce.

All weights shown are approximate and uncooked

Chateaubriand ~ £60 for two people ~
For two people, a whole double fillet, 500g approx, roasted in the oven to your liking and carved, presented with a pan-fried portabella mushroom, griddle cooked tomato and a duo of sauces, one a rich red wine, the other au poivre, with green peppercorns.

All of our main meals are served with a selection of fresh vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes.

Please ask for allergen Advise, most of our dishes can be adapted to suit your dietary needs.

All our Food is cooked to order, at busy times, there may be more of a delay, please be patient, we all work very hard to ensure our service, meets your expectations.

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